Production Assistant

The Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Effective Production Assistant

Anyone curious about the film industry undoubtedly knows how difficult it is to break in.  Most people, regardless of their ...
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privacy scandals

Social Media Stats After Privacy Scandals

Privacy scandals, the sharing of misinformation, and even censorship have plagued the internet, specifically social media, in seemingly all of ...
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Perfect iPhone Photo

Crafting the Perfect iPhone Photo

With the advent of smartphones and social media, it has never been easier to take pictures and share them instantly ...
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2.5D parallax

The 2.5D Parallax Effect

Yeah, photos are cool but have you seen what happens when you add a little animation to a still image? ...
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Macro Photography is when you shoot extreme close-ups at objects. A lot of stuff I've seen online is of insects ...
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Crush it with your Clients

In all my years of B2B sales, one thing still reigns true. People work with people that they like! Relationships ...
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instagram myths

The Biggest Instagram Myth

There are many rumors on social media, but we're finally laying to rest the biggest Instagram myth of all. If ...
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email marketing

The Values of Email Marketing

Imagine cold-calling 1000+ contacts just to spread the word about your brand, or sending out mailers to a few zip-codes ...
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cinemagraph gif

Cinemagraphs: A Beginner’s Guide

What happens when a still photograph marries a video clip? They make a cinemagraph and it's pure effing magic. Celebration at ...
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oscars academy award predictions

91st Academy Awards Nominations and Predictions

At precisely 5:20 am this morning, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced their nominations for the upcoming ...
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Working ON your business not IN it. It's important to push yourself outside your comfort zone. These uncertain and intimidating ...
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social media 2019

Social Media 2019 Trends

Social ad spending is continually shifting. More ad dollars are being spent on Instagram than ever before, and Twitter and ...
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