48 Hour Film Project Screening!

By: Rob

The 48 Hour Film Project is a weekend of hectic fun, logistic craziness, and artistic collaboration that ends with a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. Also some disbelief it all actually came together.

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This year was our 2nd time being a part of the event and we came prepared. With a bit more of a game plan and lot of San Diego Craft Beer we were able to come up with a short comedy about a distant future where a robot attempts to become a comedian, and the future is not funny

The weekend was long and had about 6 hours of sleep through-out it, but it proved, with motivation, dedication and passion you can make movie magic happen!

Having a crew of dedicated and fun individuals made the weekend enjoyable and never really felt like work. The laughter on set was contagious, everyone always seemed to be in a good mood and willing to do what it took for the shot. We had 99% of our crew in the video in some way or another. This is the kind of team you need when making anything worthwhile, especially in a limited amount of time!

We now can officially post the video online! You can watch it HERE! Or by clicking the poster.

We had our screening on Tuesday August 11th at the Reading Gaslamp Theater and had a blast. It was great seeing our hard work on the big screen with all the people that helped make our movie a reality. We were all proud of our accomplishment, and even made a few dick and fart jokes along the way!  Sometimes that’s all you need.

We took home the Spirit Award that night for dressing up like Antonio, with red bow ties for all! We celebrated by doing the Pee Wee Herman Dance! 

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Behind The Scenes:

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Full Film: