5 Tips on How To Grow Your Instagram

Building your brand on Instagram is important because often times your customers will go there first to check out your portfolio (especially if you’re in the media business!)

We’ve found that having a strategy and being one of the first to adopt each new Instagram update to be the most successful for us. But there are a few things down the line that have proven to grow our numbers.

#1. Show off your personality through your posts.

The more your posts show your personality, the more relatable you are! And clients want to put their money towards people they know and trust. (My personal theory has to do with the distrust millennials have with corporations, but I digress…)

#2. Keep your Instagram handle simple.

The more simple your handle is, the easier you are to find. Extra points for having the exact same handle across Facebook and Twitter, too!

#3 Use the Name field to target your keywords

This is a great trick! Many people do not know your username is different than your name. If you use your username in your name, it could be a lost opportunity to target brands looking for new businesses! (If you’re unsure how to change it, go to “edit profile” and it’s the first option.)

#4 Optimize your bio!

You have limited space to make an impression, do it well! Your elevator pitch should be in here…plus a hashtag or two!

#5 Use Instagram Highlights to your advantage.

A great place to start for your Instagram Highlights are your website’s navigation and/or contact links. Pro tip: Don’t go overboard on emojis and gifs! Think of it as your brand’s internet billboard – too much text or color schemes are SO hard to read and won’t capture your potential client’s attention! (Or will, but in a bad way.)

So, that’s it! Instagram is forever changing, so the next time there’s a huge algorithm change, check back here for more tips and tricks to optimize your brand’s social media!

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