7 MEMES About Your Video Strategy

What Do We Meme?

We’ve said it over and over why you need video. You know the stats, you’ve heard the gossip (and yes it’s true). Video is the main go-to route for marketing your brand. It’s obvious at this point. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but plain and simple, YOU NEED VIDEO. I didn’t think I could dumb it down more, until now. Here are 7 memes to think about when planning your video strategy.


Videos DO have a cool factor, but they offer a lot more value as well. Not only can you get a direct message to your target audience. You can control how it looks and feels to make sure it is engaging, inspiring or funny. But most important calls action and can be targeted through the posting as well. Even if YOU have to hop in front of the camera, do it right.


When you don’t “Google it” you YouTube it, right? People search on YouTube, almost as much as on Google. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on youtube each day. I learned how to change my car starter on youtube, Justin Beiber was discovered on youtube, there are over 1 billion YouTube users! That’s 1/3 of total internet user’s.  Can you see where I’m going with this? YouTube. Be on it.


It’s not just about making a video, or even what platform is best. You can do a lot with Facebook Live, vlogs on YouTube, Instagram Stories or a polished high quality video. But if you don’t have goals with it you won’t reap those rewards. We get asked to create high quality bad ass content A LOT, but sometimes that’s not what’s best for the client needs. Sometimes it’s more valuable to keep it consist, create awareness or build an audience. Why have a nice expensive, flashy video for no one to watch? Have a strategy in place and celebrate every milestone.


Now that Google owns YouTube, videos increase your rankings in SEO, especially on the video tab, and yeah, google puts more priority on YouTube than other platforms. Same as images or blogs, keywords are important for your searches and metadata. The back end is important to ensure the right people find your content. With this you can generate more leads, raise revenue, and create awesome awareness for your brand. It may be work but it’ll be worth it so remember, Do or do not, there is no try.


My personal favorite. No one reads anything anymore (ironically you’re reading this), besides this awesome blog, everything is becoming a video of some sort. From a vlog, interview video, Facebook live or company culture film, the moving image is ruling supreme. Yet because we’re always on the move, content creators are inserting captions to videos, so you can read what the video is about without disrupting your Spotify playlist. This truly embodies the fact that video is only a piece of your marketing strategy and mobile should be a priority.


There’s no recipe for a viral video. There’s no hidden formula to create a video that hits millions of views. That’s why it’s viral. There’s nothing that can predict what will make a video spread like wildfire on the interwebs. it can be a fully produced music video like, PSY’s Gangnam Style or a simple cell phone vid featuring a boy yodeling at Walmart, it’s a crap shoot. That’s great because it levels the playing field but you still  have to have a little luck on your side. We believe the best way to get a “viral” video, is keep making consistent content.


It’s a lot of research both on creating a video and then making sure it actually works for your needs and goals. Luckily you can research the analytics of your video marketing to create even more effective video content. When you’re putting a lot of effort to CREATE video content it’s best to put in the work to make sure it WORKS. And guess what? We can help with the creative stuff!

Here’s a few more memes that didn’t make the cut.

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