A Red Trolley Show #150

Our very first episode of A Red Trolley Show was shot in the Fall of 2011 with our good friend Josh Damigo as an experiment. If you told me then we would be working with over 150 bands on this project well into 2017, I would have been flattered, but also thought you were nuts. And just like that, on September 7th 2017, we release our 150th episode featuring Surfer Blood, with more episodes and bands to come!

Let me catch you up to speed if you’re not familiar. A Red Trolley Show is a video series produced by Rowlbertos Media in partnership with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and sponsored by the amazing people over at Karl Strauss Brewing. We take local, and touring bands onto the iconic San Diego red trolleys and have them perform acoustically for anyone that is around. Sometimes it’s a bunch of regular commuters going about their day, sometimes it’s a bunch of fans singing and dancing around. We can only plan so much for these, but the fun comes from the randomness of the public trolley.

Ok now my biggest thing with A Red Trolley Show was always consistency. From what I can tell, a successful web series is only good if they are consistent in releases and quality. So from day 1, I wanted a regular flow of releases throughout the whole year. When we started out, we would release a video every other week! We did that for a long time. Our fan base grew quickly, we got some good press, national press, went viral, won some awards, had a ton of fun!

Today we’re still having a blast, but just focusing more on quality over quantity. We release one video a month. If you’ve been with us from the beginning I hope you have seen the progression of our production. With our 150th episode being released, I could only imagine what our 300th episode will look like, or with who! The only reason we keep making these videos is people keep loving them and wanting them, so THANK YOU for the continuous support! Go ahead and follow us on YouTube too!

And kudos to Surfer Blood for being #150. They are super good and super nice and you should check out their latest record “Snowdonia”.




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