A Red Trolley Show with Anthony Green!

By Derek

A couple months ago, we met one of our favorite artists down at Quartyard in East Village and got him to perform for the newest episode of A Red Trolley Show!  That artist is Anthony Green, perhaps best known as being the lead singer of the band Saosin.  While performing as a part of multiple bands, Anthony is also pursuing a career as a solo artist, which is precisely what he was doing when we met up with him.  We filmed A Red Trolley Show just a few hours before he was slated to play at Quartyard as part of his tour promoting his brand new album, Pixie Queen.

After meeting up, we walked over to the Park and Market Trolley Station, just across the street from the venue, and waited for the next trolley to arrive.  A couple of Anthony’s fans came along as well, which I always like to see.  It’s always fun getting to witness fans enjoy an intimate live performance of their favorite artists up close.  It’s part of what makes A Red Trolley Show so special.  Anyways, the trolley pulled up, and we all hopped on to a fairly packed car, which I also enjoy…  Now, while I don’t necessarily love filming these on trolleys that are so packed, we don’t have room for anything, I definitely enjoy filming on ones that have just enough people to make the performance exciting and really feel like a mobile show.  This was one of those occasions.  Just the right amount of passengers.  Anthony even made a new friend as he sat down to play (which you’ll see when you watch the vid).

After riding the trolley through downtown and back to East Village, we started walking back over to Quartyard when Anthony saw a street performer hula hooping right outside, and decided to play right alongside him.  One of my favorite aspects of these shoots are the little spontaneous moments that either the artists or the public can conjure up.  This might have been the coolest one I’ve witnessed.  Of course, we went right along with it, filming and recording audio to capture this special street performance.  Maybe, we’ll get to see a video of this at some point…

Working with Anthony was a real treat from beginning to end.  It was neat to see an artist get so excited about doing a performance like this.  Artists are always intrigued by the concept of performing in a unique environment such as this, but Anthony was fully on board and excited for it.  He loved the aspect of performing music raw and naturally, without any sort of amplification or electronic manipulation.  He also talked about the purity of doing this in front of a bunch of strangers who don’t necessarily know who he is, versus playing on a stage in front of fans who are paying to see him.  I mean, wow!  I hadn’t even thought about all those aspects!  Needless to say, this one will go down as one of my all time favorites.  Now, click here to check out the newest episode A Red Trolley Show!!!




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