A Spooktacular Halloween with Rocket From The Crypt!

By Derek

A couple of weeks ago, the greatest holiday of the entire year took place, and your friendly neighborhood media company got to spend it filming one of the coolest Halloween parties/concerts in town!  The Lafayette Hotel, conveniently located just across the street from Rowlbertos Headquarters, decided to put on an epic Halloween bash, featuring a host of cool bands, headlined by none other than Rocket From The Crypt!

We showed up to the hotel early per usual, to stash our gear, get our credentials, and get an overall lay of the land.  The party was spread out through multiple rooms, and we wanted to make sure we’d get everything.  The main lobby had a DJ booth, as well as multiple bars, and a huge dance floor.  The Louisiana Room had a stage set up for a few bands playing throughout the evening, and finally there was the Mississippi Room downstairs, where the main stage was set up for bands including The Creepy Creeps and Rocket From The Crypt.  Fun fact for my fellow film nerds out there, the Mississippi Room is the very room where they filmed the Karaoke scene from Top Gun!  You’re welcome.

Once the party got started, we scattered throughout the hotel getting footage of everything going on.  Of course, we filmed every band playing, as well as the DJ’s, the bar scenes, and all the awesome costumes!  One of favorite aspects of Halloween is seeing the creativity that goes into costumes.  I saw a lot of great ones this year, but I think my personal favorite was a girl dressed as Elliott from E.T.  She was even wearing a stuffed E.T. in a basket and had Reese’s Pieces, which she totally shared with us!  A couple of our friends also showed up dressed as the twins from The Shining, which you can see in the video.

The party overall was a ton of fun.  Halloween is without question, my personal favorite holiday, and every year, I build up unrealistic expectations for myself on going to the best parties and having the best Halloween.  Well, this year I was finally satisfied, and I think everyone who attended would agree with me.  This party was awesome!  The Creepy Creeps and Rocket From The Crypt were both incredible as always, and their music was totally perfect for Halloween.  I’m pretty sure The Lafayette wants to continue throwing Halloween parties like this in the future, so when you’re trying to plan for next year, I suggest keeping them in mind.  If you don’t believe me, click right here and see for yourself!




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