Band Loyalty: Iration

By: Rowley

Years ago most of my first professional video projects were focused around music, live music. Which I am forever grateful to cut my production teeth with something I am truly passionate about. Me not being anything near an actual musician, I feel I can contribute to the music world by capturing intimate and unique musical moments with my camera to share with the masses.

Rowlbertos Media met the band Iration back at the 2012 San Diego Oysterfest. We were hired to create a recap video for the event and Iration was the headlining band. Since then we have been Iration’s “go-to” video team in San Diego. We’ve done A Red Trolley Show with them, filmed most of their headlining tours while in town, and most recently have shot and edited their latest official music videos.

If you’re not familiar with Iration, you will be. They can be heard all over the alternative radio dial, selling out massive venues and spreading good vibes all over the country. Originally from Santa Barbara, these guys truly are warriors of the road and do it while having a blast.

One of our latest projects was shooting and editing their new official music video for their single “Fly With Me”. Shooting their live show at the North Park Observatory in San Diego and mixing in some spacey stock footage. The video really captures the bands live energy, along with outer space visuals to match the lyrics. Rowlbertos Media prides itself in always being able to capture real high quality, authentic live performance footage, and I think that is a reason Iration can always count on us.

Iration live in San Diego California
Iration live at North Park Observatory.

The last project we did for the band was to create a lyric video using only stock footage for their soon to be released single “Borderlines”. This was a special project because the song feels like, to me, a protest song. The song meaning that there are man made, arbitrary physical borders out there, but with the digital era that we live in, borders don’t mean anything. We can communicate with anyone. With that sort of message I was able to create a story line with the lyrics and using only stock footage to create a lyric video that can carry that tone. Working closely with the bands management, I think we create a pretty cool video with a strong message. 

Iration lyric video
Iration’s official lyric video for “Borderlines”

We’re always hearing about Brand Loyalty and why people always support one brand over another. But I’d like to think of what we have with Iration as “Band Loyalty”. These guys are at a level to work with pretty much anyone they want, but we have been consistent over the years and willing to go that extra mile on every project with them, so I’d say we have their loyalty.

P.S. As I am typing this, we’re in the middle of another project with the band and recently shot their show in Lake Tahoe, and will be shooting headlining gig at the 91X BeerX festival. More to come!

live music concert
Iration live in South Lake Tahoe

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