Use What You Got and Focus on Story!

You can usually find me in conversations nerding-out about camera gear and equipment. The latest 8K camera, lighting set ups or stabilizer rigs! When my friends in the production world get together, it seems inevitable. They always want to talk about the gear versus the story!

I recently read a quote that said something like (but don’t quote me), “Amateurs talk about cameras while pros use what have and focus on the final product”. Not sure it was exactly like that but I completely agree with this. I’ve always said the best camera to use for any project is whatever you have available to you. In a world where tech specs, sensor size and gimbal moves rule supreme it seems the “story” aspect of creating visual content has taken a back seat. It’s important to remember story should drive the whole project, everything else is secondary.

Here are 3 awesome videos where story was at the forefront…

and also NOT shot on a RED, Arri Alexa or even a DSLR.


A 2015 comedy-drama that made some noise at multiple film festivals was shot on 3 iPhone 5s’


This short made some noise at various film fests. The entire film takes place on a teens desktop. The story is key and engages the audience by showing how people communicate with technology.

El Mariachi

Robert Rodriguez’ classic cult film and my hero. He did in camera edits, hired locals to play extras and edited the film on 2 VCRs to make his vision a reality without anyone stopping him. Besides having an awesome first name Rodriguez was the best at playing with the cards he was dealt.

*Bonus Vid – since this video may never see the light of day on our website. Check out this short promo we made with an iPhone! It was our only camera option with slo mo at the time! The epitome of using what your mama gave you!

– Rob


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