5 “Old Fashioned” Branding Strategies

We’ve been shortening branding videos to a fast paced, bite-size, attention grabbing piece of content. Due to dwindling attention spans, everyone is fighting for consumers attention. “A Wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information-sources that might consume it.” Herbert A. Simon said this in the ’70s! So you can imagine it’s way worse now in the world of iPads, smart speakers, and autonomous vehicles.

So we’re all making a ton of content, trying to stay up to date with social treds, While maintaining a strong online presence. Sometimes some good ol’ fashion marketing now stands out! And i think we tend to forget that, not everything has to be digital. I mean, we still see sign spinners on corners! As a media company we understand branding is the name of the game, we also understand video is ONE piece of the strategy (hopefully a big one). While we do create badass videos and before we bombard you with awesome 6 second teasers for our client’s IG Stories. Here’s 4 Ways Rowlbertos Media has used marketing components outside of video.


Guerrilla Marketing at it’s finest. Stickers are timeless and sticky, so put ’em everywhere!


You can actually mail these to your friends back home, yes even you Zonies.


A useful tool with branding on the forefront. Cheers!

beer coaster


Walking billboards! Disclaimer: This is only for your die hard fans only.



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