How to Build a Successful Video Campaign

We all know that video is on the incline with no end in sight. Users are engaging and sharing video more than ever and the stats back it up. I wont bore you with a laundry-list of numbers to get you fired up, instead, lets talk about how you can you use video to How to Build a Successful Video Campaign that will yield these valuable analytics.

Are you game? Let’s dive in!


Campaigns don’t become a reality until you set a start and end date. Some campaigns go on for years while others build-up to a climax, kind of like a movie release. After you’ve determined your campaign’s purposes and goals, you will want to start here so you can get an overview of the campaign’s duration and strategize accordingly.

Let’s revisit the build-up style campaign – these campaigns require a lot of upfront engagement. You’ll want to continuously tease the audience baiting them for an epic release or debut. Does the phrase “coming soon” sound familiar? Similar to a Kickstarter campaign, you’ll find value in exciting your audience(s) and possibly even incentivizing them along the way.

On the other hand, long term campaigns require a ton of strategy, content and placements. Imagine a 9-month long campaign and how much content you’ll would need produce. That’s social posts, final deliverables and HERO content to add to that list. Yeeeaahhhh… it probably seems like a tall order, but create a content schedule to stay organized and start planning week-to-week to get started. Don’t trip; you got this!

If you are unsure about your campaign frequency or duration, think of the impact you want to leave your audience with. Is this a brand campaign that can go on for years… or is this a product release that needs the right push for a launch. Outline your frequency caps and adjust your duration specifically for your campaign. No rhyme or reason here… just make it work based on the campaign’s goals.


Know your message; it’s the one thing you will keep consistent per audience(s). Your message can be as simple and vague as LOVE, a story told through video or as direct as a call-to-action like “Sign Up Now”. Let’s reverse-engineer this thing to develop the right message for your campaign.

You want this to be a successful campaign right? Then you’ll want to start with your goals. Knowing exactly what you want helps determine the type of content to focus on and your audience(s) that will consume that content.

Here’s How: Your goals are meant to be accomplished by your target personas. Develop at least 3 personas that align with your brand and can realistically accomplish your goals. Your personas should include demographic and interest information such as this….

Example: Family Man – 30+ / Married / 100K+ Salary net income / Interests are in Business, Sports & Technology.

Through developing these personas you will start to curate an audience. Then with your audience(s) dialed-in we can now start to talk their language.

HORAY! You have an audience of people, but what the heck do you do with them? Now that you’ve developed this audience you should be able to effectively market, promote and engage with that audience through various platforms all awhile keeping your messaging consistent.

Your messaging should become clear now that you know exactly who you are talking to and what you want them to do. Let’s say your general message is as follows…

Example: Tell multiple home-town stories that resonate with our audiences/personas to drive engagement for a specific cause.

Perfect! So now you know the tone of messaging for the campaign and need to create effective content that relays this messaging in multiple ways. From still photography, to Instagram stories, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to relay your message, but keep in mind where your audience lives and how they consume their info.

CONTENT: Meat n' Potatoes

What’s the saying? “CONTENT is KING!” But with so much consumption, you’ve got to know what goes where and understand why it’s there. Every campaign will have it’s own hierarchy of content as well as formats and exports. Rowley is good at breaking this all down. Let’s see what he has to say…

Here are some deliverables you’ll want to consider while planning your content development and deployment.

HERO Content

This is often the primary edit that will live as your campaign’s Commercial. This piece usually tells a story, educates and informs, or does a hell of a job of branding. If you’re  good you can do all that in the same piece of content. YES, you can have multiple HERO pieces. You can event throw in some social-cuts…

Here’s an example:

Social Cuts

A social-cut is usually a short edit (30-45 seconds) that can be used organically or for ads. There purpose will  address your goals whether that’s to raise awareness or generate leads.

Don’t forget the exports. You’ll often see these aspect ratios 1×1, 16×9 and 9×16 (vertical – shameless plug: contact Rowlbertos for commercial vertical video!) for social video content.

Here’s an example:

Stills / BTS

You cannot undervalue photography. Stills are great for everything from social to print and don’t forget the high-end polished photos for your website. While you’re snapping away, get some Behind-The-Scenes shots that peel back the curtain and show your audience you mean business.

Check Out These Stills

And some BTS for you:


Pat yourself on the back; you’re kicking but! With all of this content produced, the effective strategy and the fine-tuned messaging…. you’re ready to deliver them to the masses. Your campaign’s goals and duration typically influence your method(s) of delivery. We’re talking social platforms meets audience(s), conversion rates meets deadlines, I’m getting excited just typing about it. Research how often your audience consumes content and on which platform to drive to delivery methods. Most of all…. PLAN! Keep that calendar handy, but don’t be afraid to go off-script a little bit. I always recommend a contingency of sorts so that you keep an extra trick up your sleeve!

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