How To Support Local Small Business

Talk about Hometown Heroes… These local small-businesses have been kicking ass providing all types of services as we shift into the Now-Normal. Definitely deserving of a huge “THANK YOU” from from us all. But you know what makes a difference more…. supporting these businesses directly with your wallet (or Apple-Pay). There are tons of great businesses here, and I wish I had time to dive into all of them, but here area few to kick-start your mission.


It wouldn’t be a BLOGBERTOS list without a solid Taco Shop option. TACO STAND has steaked it’s claim as one of San Diego’s favorite spots for authentic, belly-busting tacos. It’s even made other great lists so you know its super legit! Since they are showing up and serving up these 🔥eats, we have to make sure we support by ordering online for delivery or pick-up.


The subscription business model was already picking up steam, and now with more people working from home than ever… Cold Brew on tap sounds like a FANTASTIC IDEA! The Rowlbertos Crew has been an advocate for 7 Cold Brew for quite some time, and I can personally tell you… “This stuff is a game-changer!” Cold brew in a can, cold-brew on tap, and now their supplying our local front-line essential workers with plenty of caffeine. As they support local, so should we!



After you click this link…. YOU WILL BUY SOMETHING!

Collins & Coupe is a local cocktail supply company now offering delivery so you can stay cozy and still make your favorite drinks. Unlike some stores, rolling their additional expenses on to the customer, they’ve kept their prices reasonable allowing you to toss a few goodies in the cart. I grabbed a tiki-cup and a sampler-style pack of bitters to step up my craft while at the pad. Imagine all the cocktails you can concoct while in your robe.


As a downtown San Diego resident, this one hits a little different. Knotty Barrel started as a small local bar with a sick tap-list, then their GastroPub food started making a name for itself. Enough that they expanded their footprint on the block (knot cheap) just to offer more value to their customers. (K)not only are the burgers amazing, but they decided to again up the ante, by brewing their own beer. Now they are offering growler fills and crowlers to-go which most San Diegans find to be as essential of a service as any.

Make sure you support these guys by ordering pick-up, filling a growler or purchasing some merch.

How do you support?

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