If you’ve got the time, lapse it!

Keep On Keepin’ On

In today’s fast paced world we move really quickly, never stop and we’re all over the place. We never “stop to smell the roses” or have time to “be in the moment”.  So when we had a chance to work on some time lapse shots I was excited to rush into it! I quickly learned time lapse shooting requires a different level of patience. You have to keep the final outcome top of mind, or you’ll go nuts. I mean, you’ll probably wait around for 30-45 minutes for a 20 second shot. So make sure it’s worth your time.

I won’t bore you with the details of how you can calculate the length of your final time lapse by multiplying the number of photos needed  per second, there are plenty of youtube videos for that.  But I can say, time lapses are a cool way to show A LOT of action in a short time, that’s kind of the point, and action is all around us. I try to set up a time lapse shot anytime I know I’ll be somewhere for a while, and it doesn’t always require a fancy camera set-up or crew, but rather the patience to wait for time to pass without rushing, letting the shot breathe is a challenge for us run-n-gun shooters. Here are 3 of my favorite time lapses from Balboa Park & Seaport Village with crew and planning involved PLUS 3 random ones I just did with my iPhone. They aren’t hard to accomplish, you just need the time, patience and a bit more patience. But of course, nobody’s got time for that!

California Tower

Kissing Statue

Botanical Garden




And lastly, D-Rock drinking one beer... in an hour.

It takes a special kind of patience to wait for D-ROCK to finish a beer. Luckily we were backstage “working.”

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