June 2018 Newsletter


It may be June but there’s no gloom here!

With our new office space dialed-in, we’re rowling in Hot, Fresh, Media like #rolledtacos! We have a brand spankin’ new VLOG for you, new commercials airing and a “Reimagined” campaign with our friends over at The Lafayette Hotel. Follow Rowlbertos as we sail off into the sunset with a nice cold one…
“All Aboard!”


Rowley covers all the “Rowls on Set” when you’re working with Rowlbertos Media.
(Oh, and take a peak into our studio)

Serving Excellence!

Cohn Restaurant Group is back at it… airing various commercials spots on NBC & KUSI. Oh, and guess who they called for video?

Damn Skippy!

We do our best work on larger projects delivering más content in any and every way you can imagine.

Commercials… got that! 

IG Vertical… we got that!

Casting & Talent… WE GOT THAT!

Be on the lookout for our commercials and make sure to tell The Prado that Rowlbertos Media sent you.


Click the Video above to be one of first to see the new Commercial!

“Lafayette… Reimagined

Jen does it again… Snapping photos and satisfying clients! We worked hand-in-hand with the The Lafayette on their “Lafayette Reimagined” campaign; combining short form video with branded photos to get a synonymous look throughout all digital content. Check out the awesome photos below, and get over to Blogbertos for more photos and behind-the-scenes BLOGs.

Don’t forget to check out the newest episode of “Stories From The Scene” with 91X’s Hilary Doneux!

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