Live Streaming is the NEW NORMAL

We are here now. I don’t have to tell you. I’ve noticed a lot of people are trying to reverse engineer these new circumstances that Covid-19 has put us in. The problem is they are trying to get back to the way things were. Where in fact they should be starting from a blank slate to figure out a better way to do the things they do, in these times. For us, we’ve seen some opportunities in the livestream realm that we’re trying to hone in. Here’s some info on our process if you’re curious about legit live-streaming with Rowlbertos (LIVE) Media


We aren’t just holding iPhones or iPads, we’re doing this legit AF. I’m talking TV show quality. We have a designated LIVESTREAM rig that can take multiple HD cameras, other video elements, legit audio AND it saves all video files for future editing. We can connect to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Twitch directly from the software for easy uploads. It’s pretty much a computer that does everything Livestream. Now that we’re limiting physical contact, we can do it with me and Rowley manning most of it BUT If you have special audio needs we may need to bring an audio tech for better quality sound i.e. bands, voice over, announcer etc.


The quality of your livestream is affected by your internet connection. While we did have some success recently STREAMING from a hot spot (I was surprised actually) we recommend utilizing a hard line; This limits number of hiccups and choppy parts of your stream. Normal internet is even OK with a hardline. We’ll get those Mbps’ going!


We put together a CASE STUDY w/stats and video from working with Taylor Guitars a NAMM so you can learn more about our process with livestream. Their set up is pretty huge and we streamed 5-8 times a day. This might be where more value is, knocking out a bunch of broadcasts in one long shoot. We have the chops and I know you have the time.


We had a client call this our “new normal” and it looks like social distancing is here to stay, so may have to think about adding livestreaming to your media campaign. Not sure where you are at navigating this uncharted territory but please stay calm! This too shall pass. We’re actually excited about the creativity needed to solve these new problems ahead. We’re trying new things, thinking outside the box and and we’re here to help!

So let’s us know when you’re ready for your close-up!

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