Macro Shots: Getting Close to your Subjects

As content creators sometimes we get caught up in the BIG vision and forget the small stuff, the details which make the whole so much better. It’s a world where we focus on branding with larger than life goals, numbers and likes. It’s all about the big picture, and all that’s good but it’s not everything. Micro versus macro shots are all in the point of view, and that depends where you are standing. I wanted to focus on the small stuff.

A point of view is like a lens. Certain lenses create different looks and hence evoke different emotions from the image. A long lens can get you a close up to the action from afar, a wide angle can get you the whole picture from up close, but what about a macro lens? The lens when you photograph usually, uncomfortably close to the subject. the lens where you have to really look. Often times the next BIG idea is right in front of you.

I had a lot of fun focusing on the stuff right in front of my face, so here are 9 Macro shots of everyday things! Can you guess what they are?


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