Making of “Slowly Know Me” – A Birdy Bardot Music Video

I’ve always been a huge fan of music videos. They support the artist’s vision for a song, which then supports any themes a song may have. Music videos can be dramatic, cinematic, funny, sad or just visually appealing.

As much as I like them, I haven’t made too many. So, when Matt Molarius of The Redwoods Music collective reached out to me about making the next Birdy Bardot video, I got very excited.

Birdy Bardot has been crushing the San Diego local scene for a few years now and recently was nominated for a 2018 San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Artist.

We shot the video for one of her latest songs “Slowly Know Me” in San Diego on 2 separate days. The concept of the video is that Birdy Bardot and her friend, Dani, are out cruising around with their special suitcase and all of a sudden they are being chased by a mysterious man in a van. The man gets close in the pursuit wanting whatever is in that suitcase, but the girls vanish off into another dimension leaving the man in their dust.

The first day was all the bike riding scenes and were shot from the back of a pick up truck. For some odd reason, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to shoot something from the back of a moving truck. It wasn’t easy, but we definitely got some cool shots. Birdy was a champion too because she had to peddle a 2 person bike all over Ocean Beach while lip syncing to her song sped up. We shot the whole video in slow motion, so the song had to be sped up in real time to accommodate the frame rates.

On the 2nd day of shooting, we filmed in a storm drain in the South Park area, and then the Spruce Street suspension bridge in the Bankers Hill neighborhood. I don’t normally crawl around storm drains that are dozens of feet underground, so it was a little sketchy, but when we arrived, everyone just jumped right into it. Not too bad!

Lastly, we arrived at the suspension bridge, and it was PACKED with families enjoying the canyon. It’s a pretty popular hangout spot and it was a Sunday afternoon, so it was pretty hard to get the couple shots we needed with no one on the bridge. We blocked out the shot a number of times before having a small window of opportunity with a empty bridge. We got it!

Editing is always fun, but this was especially fun because the song is so vibey and has some psychedelic elements, so I got to play around with some effects to help maintain that sun drenched vibe.

Rowlbertos hopes to make more music videos in 2018! Check out some behind-the-scenes photos of Birdy Bardot’s music video below!


Photo by Marissa Mortati
In between takes. Photo by Marissa Mortati
Photo by Marissa Mortati
Filming in storm drain. Photo by Marissa Mortati
Photo by Marissa Mortati
Cast & Crew at Spruce Street Bridge. Photo by Marissa Mortati
Photo by Marissa Mortati
Dani Bell doing Dani Bell things. Photo by Marissa Mortati
Photo by Kristy Walker
Filming from back of truck. Photo by Kristy Walker

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