Mano at Pano

san diego bay panoramic

Panoramic photos have been around since the invention of photography, even the Library of Congress says so! They were used in the civil war by military engineers and generals who valued panoramic overviews of terrain and fortifications. Truly a great way to showcase cityscapes and landscapes.

Photographers would have to place multiple cameras with daguerreotype plates side by side. These were silver- coated copper plates to produce highly detailed images. It was a tough set up even with evolving photo technology. Photo technology advanced drastically in the 1900’s and Panoramic cameras kept up with the pace. Now it’s over 100 years later and it’s still going. Today we can take beautiful panoramic photos with our phones, without moving our feet and they’re fun!

If I’m not time-lapsing, I try to snag a pano on set. There’s something fun about accomplishing the full 180 degrees too. Video production takes us to some interesting places so here are my favorite behind-the-scenes panoramic shots I’ve taken of various Rowlbertos gigs.

Sunset Cliffs at Magic Hour!

wakanda tribe panoramic

MUSIC VIDEO WIth taken by canadians

river creek panoramic

And yes we used a camel!

music video panoramic
91x studio panoramic

ROWLBERTOS HQ, where the magic happens.

riverdale studios panoramic


t shirt panoramic


strauss family panoramic

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