November Social Media Updates for Your Business

Facial hair and Demogorgons aren’t the only things growing this month. Here’s what’s changing on the social media battlefield in November, so far…

social media november Businesses will be able to infiltrate your messages. “In the coming months” all advertisers will be able to send promotions directly to customers they have (keyword here:) previously communicated with in the past through the Messenger app. They will also introduce ads into the messenger. Major ups for businesses, but a major bummer for the user (IMO).

This is what to expect:


social media Well, it’s here… Twitter has been teasing the expansion for a while now, but now it’s official. Twitter officially jumped the character count from 140 to a whopping 280 and depending on who you talk to, it’s either a good or bad thing. Now on it’s interface instead of a character count, you’ll see a little circle (aka spiny wheel of death) that will change color as your characters run out. Fun.

Here’s a fun fact: Twitter only made the change to languages where “cramming” was an issue (i.e. English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) whereas Japanese, Korean and Chinese still have the 140. Useful knowledge for international businesses.

Twitter also launched $99/mo. advertising subscription model. Basically, you can log on through mobile app and the ‘Promote Mode’ will automatically boost your own Tweets and profile. Seems legit (still in beta testing).

social media november Ohhh Snapchat. Apparently they’re going through a MAJOR redesign, which will be more user friendly and content forward. Basically, they’re going to succumb to the algorithm and build out more monetization opportunities. They also said they have neglected the content creator community and going to start paying their top creators.



social media november Remember how Instagram only allowed you to upload pictures or video from the past 24 hours into your stories? Well, they nixed that. Now you can upload anything from ANY time, but it will automatically add a date sticker to “add context,” but there are ways to get around that if need be.

november LinkedIn is building a new resume-building software linked directly to Microsoft Word called Resume Assistant! “Resume Assistant will pull LinkedIn insights from millions of member profiles as examples of how other professionals in that role describe their work and present their skills.”


That’s it for now. Now, get back to watching Stranger Things 2

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