On-Set Awkward Production Tools We Use At EVERY Shoot

On set you’re always moving things around to fit the frame, hiring actors, using fake props and adding a bunch of extra lighting ALL to make the scene more “natural”. I’ve always been fascinated by the random production tools that go into making a scene or even just ONE shot. So I decided to put together my favorite awkward things you’ll find on-set working with Rowlbertos Media. Things that are small and quirky but come through BIG when used in content creation, even the small projects. So now when you see them on your production you don’t have to ask us what they are!

And no, you can’t touch them…


Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool production tool

Dust is flying around everywhere! It’s important to keep the equipment clean and dust free. The Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool safely blows clean air to eliminate dust from sensitive or hard-to-reach areas, such as lenses or camera sensors. Plus it’s fun to use!


A Clamp production tool

The classic A Clamp is commonly referred to as the “do anything” clamp and it can! We utilize these clamps to hold backdrops in place, clamp down gels or diffusion, or even clamp a loose fitting shirt on talent! These guys have the pressure needed to hold anything down.


Gaff Tape production toolGaffer’s tape is great for sticking anything to everything, depending on how much you use, and without the sticky residue. Gaff is great when we’re taping things to your window, walls, ceilings or the floor. Also can use it to tape mics, wires, and hiding logos. Don’t tell my step-dad but I think it works better than duct tape


cable clamp production toolWe bring a lot of wires on set. A couple for the camera, a couple for the mics, some for the monitors and some just for the hell of it, well back up. These guys come in handy when we need to keep a few wires close together but also out of the way. And unlike a lot of production tools, the name says it all! See you on set.

Welcome to Hollywood, kid!


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