Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact Video!

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By: Derek

Last week, we spent a very warm August day filming a music video for one our favorite local bands, Rebecca Jade and The Cold Fact. The video was for their new song, It’s Gonna Be Alright. I just have to start off by saying that this is a very cool song! It doesn’t matter if you listen to it one time, or 20 times; it still has the same kick. We shot the video at the Moniker Warehouse in East Village, which turned out to be a very cool spot and one we will definitely keep in mind as a future filming locale. We spent the first half of the day filming the band getting ready for the show. This included a gopro video of them driving to the venue, as well as some video of them in the dressing room before the show. From there we had the band move out to the stage so we could capture all the close-ups of the members performing. Afterwards, we took a little break which consisted of lots of pizza and beer, which in my personal opinion, is an absolute necessity when creating cool videos such as this! A couple hours later, our extras arrived and we filmed the band performing before the crowd. We also got a few additions to the band which includedBirdy Bardot and Shelbi Bennett from The Midnight Pine as the backup singers, as well as Mr. Karl Denson on the saxophone!  Karl is the current saxophone player for The Rolling Stones! It was awesome having the whole band as well as the crowd at the end of the day for the big show. It didn’t even feel like filming a music video at this point, it was more like just filming a concert that everyone was really excited about. The crowd didn’t even have to act! They were all genuine! All in all, we had a blast filming this and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product!! Check out our behind the scenes photos below!

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