San Diego Brewers Guild Fest 2016

By Derek

A few weeks ago, the craft beer community of San Diego celebrated San Diego Beer Week.  For those who don’t know, Beer Week (more like a week and a half) consists of a multitude of social gatherings all revolving around local brews.  One of the annual highlights of Beer Week is the Brewers Guild Fest.  It’s a two day beer festival jam packed with beer, food, and music!  It also takes place down at the Broadway Pier, so yeah, the setting is nice too!

This year, we had the distinct honor of being one of event sponsors, which meant that we also had a booth at the festival.  So, to promote the company, we gave out taco shirts and stickers, and played a number of our A Red Trolley Show episodes.  We also set up a makeshift photo booth with props that ended up being a big hit!

Filming the event went smoothly, per usual.  We made sure to get a mix of everything, capturing all the bands that performed, as well as touching on a number of breweries, food vendors, and merchants.  It was very tempting not to buy stuff at some of the tents.  Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life, for example, had some very cool shirts and bottle openers.  Next time, I might not be as strong.  I set up a couple time-lapses that I think turned out pretty well as well.

Every year, we have a blast during Beer Week, and this year was no exception.  I love craft beer, and I love the culture that the beer and the people have created.  Events like Guild Fest epitomize the quality and craftsmanship that San Diego provides, and it was truly an honor to all of us at Rowlbertos to be named a sponsor.  It makes us feel like we have a special place in this very special community!  Now, if you wanna see our sweet sweet Guild Fest video (and I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), go ahead and click right here!




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