Social Media 2019 Trends

Social ad spending is continually shifting. More ad dollars are being spent on Instagram than ever before, and Twitter and Snapchat are (still) nowhere in sight in terms of shifting Marketing budgets.

Social ad spending is predicted to overtake TV by 2020. (SmartBrief) “…storytelling is still the crux of today’s social media success, especially when it comes to ads.”

social media 2019

Here are some expected trends in social media 2019:

  • Vlogging has become a huge trend on platforms like YouTube.  It’s a great way to add character and giving a voice to your brand.
  • Bumper YouTube ads are increasing in popularity. These are specific ads tailored to grab your attention in 6 seconds! YouTube just named their top brands who succeed in this, find that info here.
  • LIVE videos are becoming more and more engaging with many platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and live streaming on Twitch and YouTube. It’s a great way for you to talk directly to your customers. According to a Facebook report, watch time for live broadcasts grew 4 times over in the course of a year!
  • While engagement is down for Facebook all around, Instagram stories and posts are on the rise. Instagram posts have 15% more reach and Stories have 25% more impressions than Facebook (Adweek)
    • The rise of Instagram stories means increased use of vertical videos. Many brands are starting to capitalize on Instagram story ads (including us!)
  • Facebook is focusing on more meaningful interactions, meaning the algorithm updates are focusing content that sparks genuine conversation.
  • Focusing on creating interesting, appealing, and engaging content is a way to combat algorithms and grow your brand. (We can help!)
  • Instagram is cleaning house! To keep the Instagram community safe, they’re purging fake followers, since many accounts have faked their authenticity by paying a small fee to boost their follower account. No more!
social media 2019
Image: ClickZ

More trends:

  • Influencer marketing is on the rise, especially with the addition of “micro-influencers” (usually between 10k-90k followers) and “nano-influencers” (can have as few as 1k followers, less than 10k).
  • Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular through Facebook Messenger because it’s an easy way for brands to have extra customer service avenues.
  • NEW social media platforms are emerging all the time catering to niche industries. Just in the video media industry more and more apps and platforms are surfacing to house your content.  To stay current and innovative, I’ve found the SmartBrief Newsletter to be very useful.

One thing that ALL these trends have in common, is video content. Video content is being shared more than ever and luckily you’re reading the blog of a video marketing company. Let us help you tell your story.

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