Social Media Stats After Privacy Scandals

Privacy scandals, the sharing of misinformation, and even censorship have plagued the internet, specifically social media, in seemingly all of 2018. But has it slowed down viral videos and sharing of pictures that makes up Social Media Marketing?

In a word… No.

In a new survey from Pew Research Center, the share of US adults on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest have largely remained unchanged since 2016!

privacy scandals

69% of US adults say they still use Facebook, 28% use Pinterest and 22% are still using Twitter. Instagram actually saw an increase growing from 32% to 37%!

In one year of research, YouTube has remained the constant leader at 73%, Snapchat at 24%, Reddit at 11% and WhatsApp at 20%.

The survey also breaks down the demographics using each platform:

privacy scandals

What knowledge do we gain from these stats?

Well, one thing is for sure, despite privacy scandals social media marketing isn’t going away, or even slowing down, anytime soon.

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