Star Wars is Back!!! ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Hype

Alright, fellow nerds!

We’re in the home stretch!  Almost there!  We are less than 10 days from Solo: A Star Wars Story, the fourth Star Wars film since 2015, and the second film that is not one of the “Saga” films.

Many people are probably complaining, “But there was just a Star Wars movie five months ago!  It’s too soon!  They’re getting over saturated!”.

Well, to all of you scrooges out there, Bah Humbug!  The fact that we’re getting a Star Wars film in May is incredibly exciting.  Both the original, and the prequel trilogies were entirely released in May of their respective years.  Until The Force Awakens, Star Wars was always a summer franchise.  It’s May release was a signal to fans of all ages that summer had arrived, and with it, fun, escapist adventures.  As a matter of fact, some of these newer films were originally slated for May releases, however, those release dates were switched to December, in order to make sure production wasn’t rushed, and because The Force Awakens proved that December was just as box office friendly as May.

Next year, Episode IX will indeed receive a December release, which means, that after Solo, we’ve got a year and a half to wait, which in cinematic universe terms, seems like an eternity.

Marvel now releases three films a year for the MCU, and I don’t think any fans take any issue with it; I certainly do not.

Solo earned notoriety over the last year for replacing directors at the tail end of the shoot, with gossip running rampant over what was going on behind the scenes, and whether or not this meant the film was going to end up tanking.

It recently came to light that replacement director, Ron Howard, reshot roughly 70% of the film.  We’ll probably never see or know what that original, discarded footage looked like, but that shouldn’t make us as fans worried, in fact, it should make us feel the opposite.  It means that Lucasfilm cares enough to make sure they make the best film possible, whatever it takes.  They know how important Star Wars is to everyone, and they don’t want to betray our trust as fans.

I realize some of you will read this and bring up your feelings about The Last Jedi.  I know, it is arguably the most divisive Star Wars film in history.  I have multiple friends who didn’t like it.  I even had a friend who told me the other day that he flat out hated it.  Of course, film is subjective, and I for one, loved The Last Jedi.  You can read my blog about it here.


So, next week is the week.

I got my tickets (barely), I’ll be there opening night like always, seeing Solo in IMAX.  I gotta say, I’m pretty excited.  We’re reaching the point where fans are getting a little weary, a little jaded, but honestly, I can’t help but be optimistic. Anticipating films like these bring me back to childhood, eagerly awaiting for a great otherworldly adventure, and I truly hope I always stay just as excited for these films.  They’re magical, and fun, and fill us with wonder and hope…

…After all, rebellions are built on hope.  😉

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