Stories From The Scene: Rowley’s San Diego Origin Story

Some of you may know this, but I got my start in creating videos consistently while working at a radio station. Back in 2006 as a 20-year-old Palomar College student, I got a internship in the promotions department at 91X. For the uninitiated, 91X is a alternative rock station that has been rocking the airwaves in San Diego, CA for over 35 years. It was an absolute privilege to get my foot in the door as an intern and to really start my career in media.

While working at 91X, I was given a ton of opportunities to grow. Promotions, Production, On-Air, were some of the departments I explored. My immediate goal was to get ‘on-air,’ become a ‘jock’. I thought it was the COOLEST job, and it was! And it is! December 24th 2007 was not only my 22nd birthday, but it was also my first ever air-shift. It wasn’t just your average air-shift though, It was my first shift as the new host of 91X Loudspeaker.

91X Loudspeaker is the longest running local music program in the United States. Starting in 1988, it is celebrating 30 years of supporting the San Diego music scene this year. Being responsible for introducing the world to artists like Blink 182, Switchfoot, Jewel, P.O.D., Pierce The Veil, Louis XIV, Unwritten Law, and many many more. It was a honor to carry the torch and to keep the show moving forward and playing the best local music the scene has to offer.

While hosting Loudspeaker, I was still working in the promotions department along with doing normal air-shifts on the weekends and doing overnights. As part of 91X promotional events, we got to host many live performances with bands coming through our studios. So I decided that we should be recording these sessions and throw them on this new website called YOUTUBE. From then on video became my responsibility at the station and I learned more and more from each project.

Growing as a video producer and working for 91X and hosting Loudspeaker for almost 5 years, I made the tough decision to tackle some new opportunities elsewhere and left the station in the Fall of 2011 to pursue a full time video production gig.

Fast forward a few years later, I am back at 91X co-hosting Loudspeaker with some local legends; Tim Pyles and Lou Niles. Both were hosts of Loudspeaker at previous times and are responsible for some major local music breaks.

2018 is the 30th year of Loudspeaker’s existence, and that is absolutely incredible for a local music program on a independent station to have this type of longevity. So many amazing San Diego bands have filtered through the Loudspeaker airwaves and it has sewed itself into the fabric of our beloved city.

Tim Pyles Loudspeaker San Diego
91X Loudspeaker poster San Diego

As part of the 30 year celebration, I decided to create a mini documentary series focusing on people that have been a part of the local scene throughout the years, calling it Stories From The Scene. These are short form, sit down interviews with some of San Diego’s most familiar faces and voices being released once a month throughout 2018. The series has met up with people like Brian Karscig (Louis XIV, Convoy, The Nervous Wreckords), audio engineer Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Pinback, Rocket From The Crypt, Switchfoot, and many many more), Hilary Doneux (91X), Lou Niles (91X), and of course Tim Pyles (91X). Being produced by Rowlbertos Media and partnering up with 91X, Stories From The Scene hopes to explore some of the untold stories from people that have been living and growing in our beautiful music scene. And who knows, maybe this could lead to a full feature Loudspeaker documentary?? Would you be into that?

Check out the full series here!

Thanks for listening, thanks for supporting.

-Andrew Rowley

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