privacy scandals

Social Media Stats After Privacy Scandals

Privacy scandals, the sharing of misinformation, and even censorship have plagued the internet, specifically social media, in seemingly all of ...
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Perfect iPhone Photo

Crafting the Perfect iPhone Photo

With the advent of smartphones and social media, it has never been easier to take pictures and share them instantly ...
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instagram myths

The Biggest Instagram Myth

There are many rumors on social media, but we're finally laying to rest the biggest Instagram myth of all. If ...
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social media 2019

Social Media 2019 Trends

Social ad spending is continually shifting. More ad dollars are being spent on Instagram than ever before, and Twitter and ...
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November Social Media Updates for Your Business

Facial hair and Demogorgons aren't the only things growing this month. Here's what's changing on the social media battlefield in November, ...
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social media

3 Brand New Social Media Updates You Need to Know About

All major social media platforms change daily. Your brand's accounts should be kept up-to-date. It's important to take advantage of ...
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Social media stats

2017 Video and Social Media Stats…What You Need to Know!

By: kaitlin Social Media has become a major marketing tool and with that comes a lot of changes. For example, ...
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