email marketing

The Values of Email Marketing

Imagine cold-calling 1000+ contacts just to spread the word about your brand, or sending out mailers to a few zip-codes ...
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Branding Strategies

5 “Old Fashioned” Branding Strategies

We've been shortening branding videos to a fast paced, bite-size, attention grabbing piece of content. Due to dwindling attention spans, ...
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sony handy cam Story

Use What You Got and Focus on Story!

You can usually find me in conversations nerding-out about camera gear and equipment. The latest 8K camera, lighting set ups ...
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rob director commercials

4 Film Directors Who’ve Made Great Commercials

It's not uncommon to hear old terms like, tape or film on sets. Even though we're recording footage onto an SD card ...
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bladerunner Blade Runner 2049 Experience

My Blade Runner 2049 Experience

By: D-Rock San Diego's biggest annual event takes over downtown every year... I'm talking, of course, of Comic-Con! Probably my favorite ...
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Social media stats

2017 Video and Social Media Stats…What You Need to Know!

By: kaitlin Social Media has become a major marketing tool and with that comes a lot of changes. For example, ...
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Animation - CRES Insurance

Animated Infographics And Why You Need Them!

By: Preston Roeschlein People remember 80% of what they SEE and DO and only 20% of what they read. OMG! WHAT!? I ...
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