cinemagraph gif

Cinemagraphs: A Beginner’s Guide

What happens when a still photograph marries a video clip? They make a cinemagraph and it's pure effing magic. Celebration at ...
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time lapse

If you’ve got the time, lapse it!

Keep On Keepin' On In today's fast paced world we move really quickly, never stop and we're all over the ...
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visual effects

Horror Film Visual Effects: Hey, How’d They Do That?!

By: Jen Rubin Ahhh, October. The month filled with pumpkin spiced lattes, ugg boots, and scary movies, and if you're ...
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photo pit

Photo Pit Dos and Don’ts

So, you've obtained the elusive photo pit pass...SCORE! There are certain things you can do to make your life, and ...
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Social media stats

2017 Video and Social Media Stats…What You Need to Know!

By: kaitlin Social Media has become a major marketing tool and with that comes a lot of changes. For example, ...
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