The Biggest Instagram Myth

There are many rumors on social media, but we’re finally laying to rest the biggest Instagram myth of all. If you’re a business account on Instagram, you may have started to see a decline in engagement. Your organic reach has dropped, and you’re seeing more and more ads.
Maybe you even have seen other businesses & influencers in your Instagram feed posting a text screen that looks like this:

instagram myths

Usually,  people put instructions in the caption to type “yes” to continually see the Instagram account’s posts.

Don’t believe the hype.

The only reason you’re seeing a decline in engagement is because of how rapidly the social media platform continues to grow, now with over 1 BILLION users! That means, your content is being seen less and less because there is more saturation in the market.

But Instagram confirmed even though there is an algorithm if you keep scrolling you WILL see all the posts from people you follow.

Instagram further explained the myth is in fact just a myth by issuing a statement in a series of Tweets (ironic, I know) :

Now, brands are investing more time and more money into Instagram marketing and supplying top-of-the-line content to better compete in the marketplace.

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