Working ON your business not IN it.

It’s important to push yourself outside your comfort zone. These uncertain and intimidating times allow the un-ventured space for you to grow and push personal boundaries. You create what success looks like and if you’re too comfortable with your work, personal life or goals, you will stay stagnate, eventually fall short and never improve.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Elevate my Business Challenge sponsored by LIFT Development Enterprises. The 4-week business pitch workshop is an accelerator program that,

“guides founders through the process of achieving accelerated growth through curriculum, hands-on assignments and expert coaching.”

Culminating to a business pitch to various lending and banking institutions. This was truly outside my comfort zone and while I wasn’t asking for any funding it was great practice talking in front of a room of potential investors, Shark Tank style!

It was an eye opening experience that confirmed what we were doing was on the right path. It instilled foundations that were successful for many companies but also allowed room to create a strategy of doing it our way. I saw what the future of our company could, and should look like. 

Business has everything to do with your mindset. Everyone has hurdles and your attitude towards them is what prevails. I feel fortunate to be able to create opportunities for myself and my fellow team members. Keeping our eyes on the big picture allows us to not fall behind on just working in the trenches but growing in the digital and business landscape.

If you aren’t in between confident and scared, you’re probably not going to make an idea thrive. Starting a business is a giant leap of faith and nothing ever goes as planned. The best thing you can do is expect that, understand the outcomes, and be passionate when you have to handle the unexpected. The pressure is immense but the payoff is unprecedented. Failures are just learning moments in disguise, and the learning never stops, so soak it in! This business pitch competition was part of that process for me.

We have full creative control over HOW to run our company, we do things our way that work efficiently and effectively for our team and our marketing. We don’t wear polos and khakis to work, we drink beer at meetings, and, yes, everyone’s opinions are welcome, even from the bottom of the totem pole… actually we don’t even have a totem pole. At Rowlbertos Media we value our ingenuity, freedom, and quality of life. We are all creative, we are all cool and we all give a damn. It’s these core values instilled in us that make our work genuine, compelling and fun. That’s what’s going to push the boat forward, and we’re excited for the rough seas ahead!

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