The “Hire Us Video” Production

EVERY company is now a media company.

There is an incessant need for content all the time and brands hunger for people’s attention. Unfortunately, today audience’s attention spans can last mere seconds. Thankfully, video is at the top of the food chain! With video production you can garner a whole seven seconds of someone’s attention. Seven seconds being an “economy” nowadays. Imagine that those seven seconds are like a crisp $20 dollar bill that you found in a pocket of an old pair of jeans.

Rowlbertos is literally a media company so it was a no brainer to the team in creating our own high-end video content. We knew it would take plenty of dedication, creative energy and manpower, but we were up to the task!

You have to walk the walk.

I wanted to showcase the thought process we went through when creating our latest promotional content. We spend a lot of effort trying to get prospective clients to GO BIG with their high-end video production, so we realized that we too, NEED VIDEO. We can’t just stand on the sidelines with our own content and productions. This is where our HIRE US video comes into play, and yes, we’re that blunt.



We realized we wanted people to actually CARE about their video production, video strategy and goals for the final video. Results happen with a well thought-out campaign strategy that considers the WHY. Along with a well-planned production. We wanted to show the value that comes with high production value, good script writing and knowing YOUR STORY. We wanted to create something true to our brand, showcasing our skills and ultimately, well, get HIRED! This entailed writing a genuine script, showing off the team, and a behind-the-scenes look into the video production process. Most importantly we wanted to show why the Rowlbertos team are the experts you need to BEEF up your brand!

I wrote and re-wrote the script.

A strategic script contains necessary keywords spoken in our video. While we think buzzwords can be overplayed very quickly, it’s a reality of what age we live in. That means we need to take terms like “attention economy”, “disrupt” or “influencer” seriously. I know…but having these in your video is extremely helpful and great for SEO too, FYI. At the end of the day, you’re selling your audience something. Whether it be a specific product, a service, or just brand loyalty. So we wanted to poke fun at that absurd reality. A genuine script helps to connect with your market in a unique yet real way.

Here’s our first run-through with the script!

Show them the goods!

We also wanted to show off some post production value in the camera work, editing and 3D text. Graphic elements help spice up the visuals, so we used it as an exclamation point for our own video. While it may seem easy, having 3D text in a real environment is very challenging. There’s a lot of factors to consider, from the footage itself, to what you are actually shooting. Making it a stylized drone shot, didn’t help make it any easier. This one shot took three people over 60 hours to complete. I am stoked on the outcome and am thankful for the dedication we put into it. It shows that our team gives a damn and it certainly makes it one of my favorite shots that we’ve ever done. I mean it looks legit AF, and it all started with a post-it note.

post it

It’s hard to understand the amount of crew it takes to really go all out on a solid video production. Everyone has their roles, and to do it right, you need dedicated professionals. One person can’t just be wearing all the hats. So we decided to show off this idea, by having a bunch of extras on set, portraying the crew in our opening shot. Then there’s the hook! Every video needs to have an attention grabber, so of course, we put Rowley in a unicorn outfit!


studio shoot
rowlbertos crew

Show me the money!

We get it. A lot of decisions have to be made based on dollar signs. Though, the reality is, if you commit the time, energy and budget to create a high-quality video…you will get RICH! Just kidding, just making sure you’re still reading. The good news is that stats show that video can increase ROI for a majority of companies. For some reason, budgets are still an awkward discussion. That’s why we decided to have fun with this shot and be bold and honest, featuring our Sales Manager, Señor Dinero. Remember to set aside some REAL money (not the prop money we used for this shot) to make a quality piece. Your audience will appreciate the effort. Better yet! If you are genuine in your message, that audience will surely become clients soon enough.

make it rain

If you’re not already using video at some capacity, you’re already in the dust. Don’t let video take a backseat! Take the time to do it right, from the start, like you do everything else.

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