The New and Improved San Diego Taco Club!

By Derek

About a year ago, Rowlbertos’ own Andrew Rowley decided to form the San Diego Taco Club.  The point of the club was to meet up once a month at a different restaurant to hang out and gorge on tacos and beer.  Since it’s creation, that’s exactly what we’ve done, meeting up at cool taco shops around the county, enjoying some of the best tacos San Diego has to offer.  Recently, we realized that we might be on to something with this whole taco club thing, and maybe we should do something about it.  Well, we did just that and partnered up with Don Julio Tequila, creating a new version of the San Diego Taco Club!

So, we still meet up once a month and enjoy tacos…so many tacos; but now, with our Don Julio sponsorship, we film our taco club outings, highlighting the venue’s taco offerings along with Don Julio margaritas of course.  Basically, we’re pretty stoked on the awesome taco/margarita scene San Diego has to offer, and now we’re trying to share that with everyone else, so they’ll want to come and experience it for themselves.

We kicked off this new version of the taco club last month at The Blind Burro in downtown, right by Petco Park.  The restaurant reserved a couple large tables and even created a special menu just for us, featuring some signatures tacos and Don Julio margaritas.  We were pretty excited about the menus.  Anyways, a bunch of our friends showed up, and we got to filming the events of the evening, capturing everything from everyone enjoying the food and alcohol, to bartenders making the cocktails, to interviews with the staff, etc.  It was a bit tricky trying to balance filming along with consuming tacos and margaritas, but we made it work.  I’d consider myself a bit of a taco connoisseur now, and man, these tacos were awesome (and the margaritas of course)!!!  You can check out the video we made by clicking here, and make sure to follow the San Diego Taco Club on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay in the loop and come to future meetups!

Don Julio

Making Margaritas

The Blind Burro

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