The Values of Email Marketing

Imagine cold-calling 1000+ contacts just to spread the word about your brand, or sending out mailers to a few zip-codes only to wait for the phone to ring. Depending on the field(s) your business services, these old practices may not cut it anymore.

Over the years email has excelled beyond traditional snail-mail as the primary form of information delivery. Handling everything bank verifications to grandma’s picture mail, email reigns supreme and won’t be going anywhere soon.

In today’s internet-first world, data is everything! Being able to survey or attain data from your visitors is just as valuable. Remember, grab as much data as possible all the time. For most email marketing campaigns you will only need 3 pieces of information to get started…



The obvious and most important peice of info.


Full name would be nice, but if not… Just take the first.


Making it personal with a [company-name] helps increase open rates.

Not only will you benefit from seeing conversion rates and behaviors based on your content, but you will get more data as to who may or may not be interested in the next step of your marketing funnel. You’ll need a solid email marketing service to design, format and send these emails. Here are some simple starter options; Mailchimp, GetResponse & Constant Contact. These email clients have the capability of delivering you more data you can make constructive decisions on for your marketing department as a whole, or specifically email campaigns.

You can get real crafty and develop triggers or sequences in which you’d like your user to follow a certain order or delivery of content (yea… kind of like BANDERSNATCH). These systems assist in further screening your initial lists; sniffing out who may be interested in your services, products or brand. If structured correctly, you can streamline your client’s experience up until you’re ready to jump in and set an appointment or make a sale.

Lastly, send and test. Now that you know you can get valuable data from a simple email campaign, play with your newsletters, or make new email campaigns for selected segments of your lists. Maybe someone who purchased a specific item may be interested in more items/products from that product line. Introduce new services and products to a select audience and provide a workflow or sequence to filter out who is ready to take action now and who needs more information or be nurtured.

I’ll leave you with a few of my personal “Valuable Tips” for #emailmarketing.

Valuable Tips

If the content you’ve selected to link is an orange, but they land on’s homepage, there is a disconnect there and the end-user is not getting the content they had anticipated based on the image clicked. Instead, it should land them on a blog page about orange consumption/production, to the specific product page for “orange”. Reduce the number of clicks your user has to complete in order to get them to your desired goal faster.

A/B testing lets you harness the power of splitting your email lists and delivering 2 different emails for the purpose of identifying which performs better. Once you have a viable amount of data you can further refine your results by doing more A/B testing on various parts of the content, or apply it immediately to an existing or new campaign.

For those who may be a bit more versed in email marketing, you’ll understand how to use [tags] and [custom-tags] to further personalize your message. Most CRM’s allow you to export lists based on desired fields, and most email marketing services allow you to bring in that data (sometimes with a custom tag). By utilizing these tags your sentence can go from this…

“It’s been a festive year already, and we are excited to be working with you guys on this project.”


“It’s been a festive year already [Ryan], and we are excited to be working with [] on this project.”

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