Tips For Looking Good on (Video) Camera

Look, ma! I’m on camera!

Let’s be real, most of us are NOT models. It’s actually really hard to try to look good while acting natural on camera!!!

If you’re ever called upon to be in a video or photoshoot, refresh yourself with a few of these tips. We promise that if you keep these in mind, you won’t look like a total dweeb. (We wish someone told us these for our first shoot!)

Here are 10 tips for looking good for the camera:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that reflect your personality.
  2. Unless you’re a fashion model, avoid patterns and crazy colors.
  3. The camera exaggerates everything, so sit up straight and watch your posture.
  4. Watch your body language, others will too!
  5. Relax! We can go through as many takes as we need to get the perfect shot. *Editing* is our friend.
  6. Use your natural voice. Don’t try and sound like someone else.
  7. Do NOT rush anything. Leave the ‘Let’s just get this over with’ attitude at home! We’re making magic here!
  8. Treat the camera like your best friend. There’s a natural smile that will come out of your lips and eyes!
  9. Drink some water to calm your nerves.
  10. Be prepared! Read your script (& this list) over again, so you will naturally sound more confident!

These tips for looking good in front of the camera will help you feel more confident to make some movie magic! Now go have some fun!

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