3 Brand New Social Media Updates You Need to Know About

All major social media platforms change daily. Your brand’s accounts should be kept up-to-date. It’s important to take advantage of these updates, because it shows your audience your attentiveness, your willingness to try new things, and, well, the updates could be really cool and strengthen your brand!

Here’s what will update/has been updated for October 2017:

 1. Twitter will add a bookmarking feature.

“A bookmarking button that lets you save tweets, whether you want to check them out later or simply store them because they resonated or made you laugh.” – Digital Trends

News of the upcoming feature came directly from Twitter product manager, Jesar Shah, and she posted a prototype here.

 2. Facebook is fighting fake news with the ‘i’ button.

“the social media giant has begun a new test designed to give users ‘additional context on the articles they see in News Feed.’ Intended to help individuals make more informed decisions about the types of news that they read, share, and ultimately, believe, the new ‘i’ button will give readers additional information about the source.” Digital Trends 

If you start seeing the ‘i’ button, you’re part of the test! Watch the video here.

social media 3. Instagram adding Polls to Stories.

Instagram stories are getting more interactive! But beware, the results are NOT anonymous! “The new poll sticker allows users to ask a question and list two possible answers. Viewers can then tap their pick to vote. The totals are tallied up inside the Story, allowing viewers to see which option is collecting the most votes in real time.” Digital Trends

The Poll update is now live in App Store and Google Play!

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