Vlog It Like It’s Hot (Newsletter)

Does Rowley take his shirt off at the end of this vlog!?

No. Sadly, Rowley does not take his shirt off at the end of the video. But it’s still red hot! Plus, with at least ten ‘Rowley Take Your Shirt Off!’ responses to this vlog, I will make sure that he does so in his next video, while Careless Whisper plays in the background.

Outside of that, I’ll let the vlog speak for itself, and tell you about all of the proud partnerships and collaborative ventures we’ve been getting involved in over the past couple months!

Oh yeah, also check out our latest San Diego Taco Club adventure at Funky Garcia’s! Cruise out to the next one on October 27th at Old Town Mexican Cafe! We know you’re thirsty…


We also did A Red Trolley Show with Less Than Jake! The rock show melted our faces back into Junior High! Check it out!


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